Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship Farm
Picture and description of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, He Was All Loveabout Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Looking into the Mazar
The Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship Farm is 100 acres of beautiful farmland located in Chester County, Pennsylvania just south of the small city of Coatesville. The center point of the Farm is Bawa Muhaiyaddeen's Mazar (or shrine), a place for quiet turning inward to the mystery of true human being.

Bawa's Mazar

the Mazar and the surrounding
property are open
from 8 am until sunset

For Directions to the Farm from the Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship in Philadelphia, click HERE

The Farm's address is:

99 Fellowship Drive,
Coatesville, PA 19320

the Farm's mailing address is 20 Fellowship Dr., Coatesville, PA 19320, USA

some places to stay near the farm 

Events at the Farm
please join us

Daily at 4:30am: Morning Zikr in the Mazar.

Saturdays Lunch in the Farm Kitchen, Cooked with Bawa's Vegetarian Recipes

Sunday Mornings at 9:30am Wisdom Meeting
All are invited to join the Unionville Farm Branch wisdom meetings at the Farm, year-round. In warm weather meetings are held in the prayer pavillion, otherwise we will be in the farm kitchen. Please come in and join us. Meetings last aproximately 1 hour.


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